Reliable, low cost electricity, 24 hours per day

Drone footage of Katabayi River, near Mbuji Mayi, Kasai, Democratic Republic of Congo, where MyHydro will be installing a 4MW low head power plant.

A Net Zero Alternative

Natel Energy’s low-head, fish-safe, highly-efficient turbine is a new innovation, but mini-hydropower is not. It has been a key driver of economic growth since the first half of the nineteenth century.

MyHydro uses Natel Energy’s next-generation low-head turbines because they allow many more waterways to generate sustainable and renewable hydroelectricity than conventional high-head turbines. This creates new opportunities to enhance access to affordable, 24/7 electricity.

MyHydro installations will provide clean, green, low carbon energy to millions of customers. Each installation will be supported by first-rate operation and maintenance to guarantee reliability. MyHydro will displace dirty, expensive diesel and Heavy Fuel Oil, as well as biomass, gas and coal.

This is our contribution to global efforts to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


A Sustainable Development Solution

MyHydro is a game-changing power solution that enables developing nations to meet their growing energy needs while supporting a net zero future. Using proven, state-of-the-art technology to generate electricity from rivers and non-powered reservoirs, MyHydro expands access to reliable, renewable power.

As renewable energy’s role in power generation continues to expand, the intermittent nature of photo-voltaic solar PV and wind is creating new challenges for system operators.

When the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine, Variable Renewable Energy sources stop generating power. When this happens, there must be another source of generation to deliver power. The solution is MyHydro—providing reliable, renewable, base-load power, 24/7.

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MyHydro combines decades of hands-on experience in the power sectors of emerging markets and proven engineering expertise with new, revolutionary technology to deliver sustainable, affordable, continuous power.

Through an exclusive collaboration between two US companies – Symbion Power and Natel Energy –MyHydro is a power utility company focused entirely on the development and operation of small-scale, low-head, hydro power plants.

MyHydro utilizes a new type of hydroelectric turbine called the Restoration Hydro Turbine (RHT), which combines high performance with safe, through-turbine fish passage. The RHT is optimized for hydraulic heads in the range of 2m to 20m at capacities up to 3MW per turbine. Alameda, California-based Natel Energy designs and manufactures the RHT.

MyHydro provides residential, commercial, and industrial consumers with an uninterrupted AC Power supply. No batteries or diesel generators are necessary to deliver power at night, or in bad weather conditions.

Image Courtesy Natel Energy


Image Courtesy Natel Energy


High performance

Demonstrated hydraulic efficiency greater than 90%

Compact installations

The RHT is a compact, modular turbine that is, debris-resistant and minimizes cavitation. MyHydro installations take advantage of these design features to reduce excavation, concrete and other materials when compared to conventional low-head turbine installations, generating material total plant cost savings that we pass onto our customers.

Fish safety

The RHT is fish-safe, with demonstrated fish passage survival greater than 99%. This reduces cost and increases efficiency by eliminating the need for fine, expensive fish screens.  Watch How It Works >


The RHT is available in a wide variety of well-known and convenient form factors including axial pit and bulb turbines, radial inflow / open-flume intake turbines, Saxo / z-type turbines to provide greater flexibility for both greenfield projects and the retrofitting of existing water infrastructure, such as non-power reservoirs and irrigation weirs.

Modular and scalable

Most conventional turbines employ custom, site-specific designs that increase per-unit turbine costs and slow manufacturing, development, and construction timelines. Natel’s modular turbines decrease turbine manufacturing and design costs by harnessing economies of scale. This drives down the costs of manufacturing, civil design, and engineering when deployed across multiple sites, thus reducing overall project costs and increasing scalability.

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Image Courtesy Natel Energy


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